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Nintendo Logo White

Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics powerhouse, boasts a rich history dating back to 1889, originally crafting handmade playing cards. It wasn't until the 1970s that Nintendo entered the video game arena, initially focusing on arcade machines during the burgeoning arcade scene.

The pivotal moment arrived with the 1981 release of Donkey Kong, introducing the iconic character Mario. Nintendo's journey includes milestones like the Gameboy and DS series, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and the revolutionary Wii, transforming the gaming landscape and attracting new demographics. Despite a brief setback with the GameCube, Nintendo surged back to market leadership with the Wii, selling over 100 million units.

Explore Nintendo's legacy through our distribution, offering a diverse range of products that shaped the gaming industry, from classic consoles to innovative gaming experiences. Partner with us to bring this storied brand to your business and captivate your customers with Nintendo's enduring charm.


PlayStation Logo White

Dive into the gaming universe with PlayStation, a cornerstone in the video game industry. Originating from Sony, this brand has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and immersive gaming experiences. Sony Computer Entertainment, now known as Sony Interactive Entertainment, introduced the original PlayStation in 1994, forever altering the gaming landscape.

From the groundbreaking PlayStation, a global bestseller, all the way to the current-gen PlayStation 5 console, Sony consistently pushes boundaries. The recent advent of PlayStation Portal extends gaming beyond the living room, offering on-the-go entertainment.

The PlayStation brand is not just about consoles; it's a platform for iconic franchises like Final Fantasy, God of War, and Uncharted. Explore our comprehensive catalog, delivering the latest PlayStation consoles, games, and accessories, allowing your business to tap into the enduring legacy and cutting-edge gaming technology that PlayStation embodies. Partner with us to provide your customers with the unparalleled excitement that PlayStation has brought to millions of gamers worldwide.


Xbox Logo White

Immerse your business in the dynamic world of gaming with Xbox, Microsoft's gaming console brand that has redefined interactive entertainment. Launched in 2001, Xbox has been at the forefront of gaming innovation, introducing iconic consoles, cutting-edge technology, and a vast library of games.

From the powerful Xbox and Xbox 360 to the current Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft's commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences is unwavering. Xbox Live, the brand's online gaming service, has revolutionized multiplayer gaming and community engagement.

Explore our comprehensive selection of Xbox products, offering businesses the opportunity to showcase the latest consoles, games, and accessories to a diverse gaming audience. Partner with us to bring the excitement of Xbox to your customers, as we provide access to a brand synonymous with innovation, quality, and a passion for gaming that extends beyond the screen. Elevate your business with the gaming prowess that only Xbox can deliver.


Roccat Logo

Embark on a gaming journey with ROCCAT, a brand that blends German engineering precision with an unwavering passion for gaming innovation. Established in 2007, ROCCAT has consistently delivered high-performance gaming peripherals, earning a reputation for quality and cutting-edge design.

ROCCAT's product lineup includes gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and accessories, each meticulously crafted to enhance the gaming experience. The brand's commitment to customization and user comfort shines through features like the Easy-Shift[+] technology and AIMO intelligent lighting system.

Explore our range of ROCCAT products, bringing businesses the opportunity to offer gamers a competitive edge with state-of-the-art peripherals. Partner with us to provide your customers with the immersive gaming experience that ROCCAT is renowned for, and elevate your business with a brand that understands and anticipates the needs of passionate gamers.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Logo

Step into the world of immersive audio excellence with Turtle Beach, a leading brand in gaming headsets and audio accessories. Since 1975, Turtle Beach has been synonymous with cutting-edge audio technology, enhancing gaming experiences across platforms.

Specializing in high-quality gaming headsets, Turtle Beach has consistently set industry standards, delivering crystal-clear communication and immersive soundscapes. With a focus on innovation, the brand has introduced features like Superhuman Hearing and ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, catering to the diverse needs of gamers.

Explore our selection of Turtle Beach products, offering businesses the opportunity to provide customers with unparalleled audio quality and comfort. Partner with us to elevate your gaming audio offerings, tapping into the legacy of Turtle Beach and ensuring your customers experience every virtual world with unparalleled clarity and precision.



Enhance your gaming experience with precision and quality from HORI, a renowned gaming peripherals and accessories brand hailing from Japan since 1983. Trusted and respected in the gaming community, HORI has consistently delivered cutting-edge products designed to elevate gaming performance.

From controllers to fight sticks and racing wheels, HORI's innovative designs and commitment to functionality shine through. Catering to a broad spectrum of gaming enthusiasts, HORI products combine Japanese engineering excellence with a deep understanding of gamer needs.

Explore our curated selection of HORI products, offering businesses the opportunity to provide customers with reliable and specialized gaming gear directly from the heart of gaming innovation. Partner with us to bring the distinctive precision, durability, and ergonomic design of Japanese gaming expertise to your customers, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

Time-Built Trust 16 Years of Experience

More than 16 years of experience in trade, distribution, wholesale, cross-continent import and export, has allowed us to obtain valuable insight and credibility in the video game industry.

Core Values

At Megamite we strive to grow our business on honesty and integrity. By working closely with our business partners, we aim to maximise results for all parties involved.

Our Mission

To be the preferred partner for our customers across the gaming industry, by providing an outstanding level of service and a wide range of products at competitive prices.